Kathleen Thompson LPC, CRC

My training as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor prepared me for career and vocation work specifically supporting those who experience disabilities. I have found that barriers to success in life generally have to do with:  relationship difficulties at work and at home; past trauma; over reliance on substances to cope; undiagnosed depression, anxiety or Aspergers/Autism; and generally low esteem or lack of awareness of strengths and interests.

To better support clients, I have acquired further training in CPTSD/PTSD, substance mis-use and neuro-diversity (autism/Aspergers). Methods and modalities include Interpersonal NeuroBiology,  EMDR, IFS, LifeSpan Integration, Addiction Recovery and Relapse prevention protocols, and the Enneagram. Essentially I can wear many hats, because when someone is struggling in one area it generally stems from or impacts other areas of their life.

Out of area clients:

For Oregon residents who do not live locally, I can meet by video or phone. I also provide coaching for clients around the country for Career coaching, vocational decision making, work stress and anxiety related to graduate exam preparation and coaching for adults learning about living with a new autism diagnosis.

My clients:

  • are CIS, Trans & gender fluid.
  • are straight, queer, non-binary and non-monogamous
  • are Spiritual, Pagan, Christian, Muslim, Agnostic and Atheists
  • have relentless anxiety and unease as a result of traumatic events or unstable childhoods.
  • live with the pain that their partner or spouse was unfaithful.
  • are on the Autism Spectrum (AKA – Aspergers) and are challenged with adjusting to adult relationships, responsibilities and work.
  • are experiencing debilitating anxiety as they prepare for graduate level exams.
  • have unstable mood states such as bi-polar, depression, anxiety or intermittent psychosis.
  • have experienced work place trauma
  • experience barriers to success vocationally related to a disability
  • have unhealthy ways to cope such as substance use, addiction or other problematic behaviors.
  • experienced loss, grief or disappointment.
  • half constant low self esteem or lack of trust in their romantic or familial relationships.
  • are couples hoping to gain skills to improve their communication and relating.
  • need advocacy and insight related to rights and protections at work
  • need to find new employment due to work dissatisfaction or life transitions.
  • have experienced physical, sexual or emotional trauma.
  • are college students facing transition to independence and school stress
  • experience dissociation due to early life trauma and have difficulty managing everyday life without panic, anxiety and overwhelm.
  • have partners, spouses or children who have addictions to substances, porn or other coping behaviors.

I am in-Network with:

  • Optum
  • Providense
  • United Healthcare
  • Cigna
  • Triwest
  • Various EAPs
  • I am a OVRS vendor
  • credit/debit/HSA cards
  • able to bill other insurances out-of-network
What could be?

I believe every person should be able to ask the question “what could be,” with hope and curiosity rather than a sense of defeat. Unhelpful patterns of coping and relating are learned over a life time. These patterns can be unwound and new ones established with awareness and insight. I help clients begin to reduce the impact hurtful patterns and past events have in everyday life.  Clients can learn to grow into their potential emotionally, relationally and at work. It is possible to move from merely surviving to thriving which is a life of Wellbeing.

I use warmth, acceptance and tender humor to help clients feel safe and comfortable. It is my deep hope that each client comes to understand they are NOT their past trauma, addiction, diagnosis or “problematic behavior.” My desire is to work with those who are ready to reach their goals and live life more fully.

I have a deep respect for each person’s pursuit of spirituality & practice a walk of faith of my own. In this current political climate it is extremely important to me that ALL people feel safe in their body, relationships and daily life.

In my spare time I enjoy long walks, meeting with family and friends, listening to Tedtalks & Podcasts, keeping up with the weeds in my garden, aspiring to have a consistent yoga practice, and day dreaming of trips to foreign lands.