counseling sessions for anxiety depression fear anger addictions and low self esteem past trauma in Portland
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Do you get struggle with depression, social anxiety or sobriety. Do think you need to be assessed for Autism?

Do you struggle with cravings that keep you abusing substances or turning to destructive behaviors that are impacting your health and ruining relationships?

Finding comfort, happiness and health in your emotions starts by exploring how past experiences impact emotions or moods each day. There is hope for finding Wellbeing in emotions regardless of how out of control you might feel.

Sessions & Fees:

To start, we can schedule an initial FREE brief phone meeting to discuss concerns & hopes for counseling. From there we can schedule the first session.

The following sessions are $130 per 55 minute session. If using insurance is not an option sliding scale may be an option.

Your next step toward Wellbeing can start by scheduling a free phone chat, calling or texting 503-893-9927.