career counseling sessions in portland
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Do you daydream about a new career but not know where to start?

Do you need your first “real” job?

Do you experience a disability or are Neuro-diverse  (Aspergers/Autistic) and it gets in the way of finding successful work or functioning well in your current job?

Finding comfort, happiness and health in your work life starts with discovering your interests, skills and strengths. With new awareness of what you want and are capable of in work you will be ready to move on to a new career that is a good fit.

Let me help you:
  • explore your strengths with Career interest and Work skill assessments.
  • develop a new approach to researching realistic career and work options.
  • build a new or update your resume
  • learn job search strategies.
  • gain confidence in your interview skills with potential employers.
  • Recover from work place trauma or consider other work options related to toxic work environment
  • explore work accommodations related to hidden or physical disabilities
Sessions & Fees:

An initial FREE phone consultation will lead to setting up our first meeting.

The following sessions are $130 per 55 minute session. If using insurance is not an option sliding scale may be an option

Your next step toward Wellbeing can start by scheduling a free phone consultation, calling or texting 503-893-9927.